Loctite 642 Retaining Compound

Loctite® 642™ is a controlled strength retaining compound that is ideal for cylindrical parts that require disassembly. Recommended for maximum diametral clearance of 0.008". Fixtures in 20 minutes.

Loctite® Sets the Standard

Solving problems and saving money for customers is the primary mission of Henkel’s Loctite line of adhesives.

A major subcomponent supplier to the appliance industry was concerned over quality problems and high scrap rates during its production line assembly of shafts and rotors. The labor-intensive process involved ring staking the shafts to the rotors, one at a time.

Henkel introduced Loctite® Retaining Compounds, high-strength anaerobic adhesives with a rapid cure rate. The result? A 100% savings in labor by eliminating costly scrap materials due to shafts bent during the assembly process.