LOCTITE 380 Toughened Instant Adhesive

(Known as Loctite 380 Black Max )

*some package sizes excluded

Black, low viscosity, rubber-toughened, 1-part, room temperature cure, instant adhesive.

LOCTITE® 380 Toughened Instant Adhesive low viscosity, black, rubber toughened, one part, room temperature cure, instant adhesive designed for close fitting parts and bonding metal, rubber and selected plastics. Excellent peel, impact and sheer strength.

Your Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Toughened
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent peel, impact and sheer strength

Black Max® Toughened Instant Adhesive Bonds Filter Paper For Office Seating

Black Max® instant adhesive reduces inventory and saves plant from having to build a costly  expansion.


Black Max® Toughened Instant Adhesive Aids Honing Stone Assembly

Black Max® Instant Adhesive reduces all labor related to epoxy mixing operations and removes inventory because of its rapid cure.


Toughened Instant Adhesive Provides a Quick Solution on Soft Drink Bottling Line

Black Max® Instant Adhesive is strong enough to withstand the constant pressure and saved over $3,300 in materials and labor costs.


Plastic Door Jamb Floor Markings Bonded With Black Max® Instant Adhesive

Black Max® Instant Adhesive makes a cleaner looking sign.


Loctite® Black Max® 380™ Outlasts Contact Cement and Silicone

Loctite® Black Max® sealed this vacuum dryer for over two years, outlasting contact cement & other silicone.


Loctite® Anaerobics Designed Into Arctic Cat Snowmobiles For Superior Performance

A number of Loctite® products are used in the assembly of Arctic Cat Snowmobiles.