(Known as Loctite 266 )

High temperature, high strength, red-orange threadlocker.

LOCTITE® 266 is a high temperature, high strength, red-orange anaerobic threadlocker. It is a 1-part, thixotropic liquid that is fast curing and which resists oil and mild surface contamination at temperatures up to +232°C. Locks fasteners up to 20mm in diameter.

Your Benefits

  • CFIA listed
  • Locks fasteners up to 20 mm in diameter
  • Resists oil and mild surface contamination at temperatures to +232°C

Loctite® Threadlockers Save Over $550,000 For Japanese Tire Manufacturer

Loctite Threadlockers have enabled this tire manufacturer to significantly reduce downtime.


Loctite® 266™ Threadlocker Helps Ryobi Maintain Competitive Edge

Loctite® 266™ helps to introduce new product on time, decreases in-process inventories, and ships products faster.