(Known as FREKOTE FMS )

Solvent-based sealer for composite moulds. Offers a fast cure time of 20 min.

LOCTITE® FREKOTE FMS is solvent-based sealer used in the preparation phase for composite moulds as a wipe-on product that results in a high gloss surface. It is formulated specifically as a sealer for fibreglass reinforced polyester, epoxy and other composite moulds. The product seals microporosities and provides uniform release agent coating and is moisture-cured in 20 min.

Your Benefits

  • Sealer for composite moulds
  • Wipe-on application
  • High gloss surface
  • Cures in 20 min.

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Loctite Frekote FMS (Frekote FMS)