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“Tougher Than the Elements”

Since its founding in 1966, OSI has been delivering quality products with competitive prices and first-class service to the professional contractor. Henkel acquired OSI in 2005 and stayed true to the brand and its customer advocacy and loyalty. In 2011, Henkel made a reinvestment in the OSI brand – leveraging Henkel’s sophisticated global innovation and manufacturing excellence – to better align with its customers and to develop a reinvented world-class product that meets the ever-changing demands of the building industry.

To inform the rebranding and product development efforts, OSI met with contractors who shared insight into the challenges and pain points they experience every day on the job site, all of which aligned to the elements produced by Mother Nature.
This was the inspiration for OSI's new "Tougher Than the Elements" brand promise and the new OSI QUAD MAX patented window, door and siding sealant formula, which has been created to endure the harshest weather conditions. The brand promise and flagship product are deeply rooted in building solutions that directly address the challenges OSI's contractor community experiences on the job site every day.
OSI is now celebrating its new look and showcasing OSI QUAD MAX coast-to-coast via a roadshow in more than 75 markets nationwide.

Check out OSI’s “Tougher Than the Elements” video below and learn more about OSI QUAD MAX by clicking here.