4/3/2014, Charleston, SC


Team shares practical accommodations with industry colleagues

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Henkel earns first place award at Chemical Hazard Communication poster session

Henkel representatives earned a first place award for their presentation at the 16th Annual Technical Poster Session hosted by the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication. This poster session was part of the group’s Spring Conference held in Charleston, SC on March 25-26. Presenting on behalf of Henkel was: Senthil Pichandi, Director, Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs, Adhesive Technologies North America; Gary Pierson, Manager, Regulatory Affairs, and Matt Donelan, Director, Product Management, General Industry North America.

Henkel’s team presented practical accommodations to address labeling issues associated with small product packages resulting from OSHA’s (U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration) new Hazard Communication Standard 2012 (HazCom 2012). HazCom 2012 was introduced by OSHA in May 2012 to align its existing Hazard Communication Standard with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). (Click here to learn more.)

The implementation of HazCom 2012 requires major changes to the product labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all Adhesive Technologies’ industrial products in the U.S. (Canada is expected to align its existing hazard communication standard with GHS, but as of yet, final regulation and implementation dates have not been published.)

At the poster session, Henkel’s team presented: “Small Packages = BIG Challenges,” which highlighted the benefits of the new HazCom 2012-compliant labels, such as improved worker safety, as well as implications affecting sustainability and increased packaging costs.

Pichandi, Pierson and Donelan are members of a cross-functional team working to ensure compliance with OSHA’s June 1, 2015 deadline. The team is focused on creating product labels that will be compliant with HazCom 2012, associated programming changes in SAP for label printing, and securing printers to accommodate multiple label sizes. Team members are also addressing how to best coordinate and communicate HazCom 2012 compliance with third-party manufacturers, customers and distributors.

“Henkel is investing significant resources to ensure compliance with HazCom 2012. Our proactive approach is consistent with our vision to be recognized as a global leader in brands and technologies and, also, in leading the industry when changes are required,” said Senthil.