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Metalworking Fluids

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Henkel’s metalworking fluids, neutral cleaners, and corrosion preventatives are designed to produce quality parts and reduce overall manufacturing costs.

Metalworking Solutions

We have an extensive portfolio of metalworking fluid products, including a line of coolants that resist biological activity, resulting in a safer work environment.

In addition to typical ferrous and aluminum substrates, our metal processing solutions are suitable for use on brass, copper and other exotic metals, and will work in light to heavy applications.

Metalworking Fluid Applications
Today's metalworking technology includes complex processes requiring engineered lubricant systems.

Henkel, through such respected brands as Acheson, delivers the metalworking fluid solutions to the forging and casting industry that incorporate the three pillars of expertise; innovative lubricants, spray equipment and services to maximize your productivity and lower your costs.

Benefits of Henkel Metal Processing Lubricants
From forging to extrusion and drawing of steels and non-ferrous metals, the company’s portfolio of advanced next-generation solutions is backed by decades of experience and innovation.

Henkel’s innovative metal processing fluid products are a result of a level of investment in research and development unmatched by any other supplier. But while Henkel ranks among the world’s largest suppliers in global presence, the company is never too big to be accessible to its customers. When questions arise, Henkel’s experienced sales and marketing staff, as well as tech support centers located across the US, are ready to provide the support you need.

Henkel brings superior metal working fluid products together with application systems and top technology support, allowing our customers to maximize productivity.


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