Lubricants and Anti-seizes

Henkel offers a variety of Loctite® branded penetrants, greases, and oils for lasting, general-purpose lubrication as well as specific applications.

Loctite® brand ViperLube® Synthetic-Based Lubricants provide superior protection for equipment exposed to a wide range of operating temperatures and environments, and are NSF H1 rated for incidental food contact.

Formulated in partnership, Loctite® DuPont® Krytox® RFE Lubricants feature astonishing lubricity, extreme temperature resistance, nonflammability, and chemical inertness.  Krytox® RFE Lubricants are the cost-effective solution to a broad range of challenging lubrication problems in a variety of industries.

Loctite® brand anti-seize compounds protect metal parts from rust, corrosion, galling, and seizing.  They ease assembly and disassembly of slip-fit, press-fit, and threaded joints and reduce friction and wear on critical operating equipment.  Formulated for severe industrial environments, these products protect against high temperatures, heavy loads, chemicals, pounding, and vibrating.

Lubricants and Anti-seize Products

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