Industrial Lubricants

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Industrial lubricants, which can be petroleum-based or water-based, are substances used to reduce friction and to protect against corrosion by displacing moisture. Their primary function is to prevent metal-to-metal contact in tooling, dyes or finished components. For example, lubricants are used in bearing applications, metal forming or metal removal.

Choosing an industrial lubricant involves many factors. The foremost factor to consider is the intended application. It’s also important to consider the environment of the application, such as exposure to high temperatures, harsh chemicals or contaminants.

Benefits of Henkel Industrial Lubricants
In addition to temperature resistance and thermal stability, Henkel’s high-performance lubricants offer excellent anti-wear properties. Greases and oils extend equipment life, while reducing oil changes, varnish, deposits and energy costs. Plus, many Henkel lubricants are NSF H1-rated for incidental food contact.


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