LOCTITE Anaerobic Sticks

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LOCTITE® Sticks™ are convenient, portable, and less messy, making them perfect for tough applications, especially overhead.  Their patented semi-solid formula also means they won’t spill or leak.

Features and Benefits:

  • Convenient:  small enough to be “pocket friendly”
  • No leaks, drips, spills
  • Keeps toolboxes, workbenches, and hands clean
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Solid formula:  great for overhead use
  • Color coded caps for easy application identification
Application Assistance

New Enhanced Stick Technology for Threadlockers

And now, Henkel introduces enhanced stick technology for threadlockers. New LOCTITE 248 and LOCTITE 268 threadlocking sticks deliver the advanced performance of the LOCTITE® liquids with their primerless and oil tolerant features.

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LOCTITE® Sticks™ Products Brochure

The original inventor of anaerobic Technology now offers the same trusted performance as their liquid counterparts in ten semisolid stick formulas. (LT-4075)

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