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Metal Processing

Aerosol Additives Sell Sheet

(657 KB)
Our BONDERITE® brand of finely dispersed solid lubricant additives and coatings, provides superior performance for diverse markets and demanding requirements.
(LT-5707, 9/14)


(167 KB)
Streamline your process by using BONDERITE M-NT 5400, Henkel's versatile non-chrome pretreatment for all substrates.
(LT-6330, 9/14)

BONDERITE ® M-PA 6000 Series

(172 KB)
Hexavalent Chrome-free passivates for multi-metal substrates.
(LT-5278, 9/14)


(164 KB)
Chrome-free Passivate for Long-Term Corrosion Protection. This chrome-free, thin organic coating is designed for passivation and painted passivation application, by forming a uniform, transparent and colorless thin film.

(LT-5824, 9/14)


(203 KB)
Weldable coating for press-hardened steel
(LT-7033, 9/14)

Dry Film Lubrication Product Selector

Henkel’s Acheson™ resin dry film coatings of EMRALON® PTFE, Mol ydag® micro-fine molybdenum disulfide, and Dag® specially processed graphites provide clean, dry, lifetime lubrication in countless applications.
(LT-5704, 12/09)

Forging Lubricant Sell Sheet

A water-based lubricant selector guide. The Deltaforge® line of forging lubricants is designed for the lubrication and protection of dies and billets during hot, warm, and precision forming processes. We especially recommend Deltaforge® F-31 for its unmatched quality in the forging of simple and complex parts.
(LT-5703, 1/10)

Metalworking Capabilities

(1.43 MB)

Henkel offers metalworking solutions for light-metal, steel and cast-iron applications to a variety of industries including aerospace, transportation and industrial.

(LT-4265, 11/05)

Metalworking Fluids Selector Guide

(541 KB)
Choose the right solution and product for a wide range of common industrial challenges.
(LT-6266, 5/11)

Metal Packaging

(6.1 MB)

Loctite® packaging products for aluminum and tin-plate steel cans, including sealants, lubricants and cleaners, as well as process control equipment.  

(LT-4371, 5/13)

Metal Pretreatment Technologies

(0.79 MB)

Henkel offers surface pretreatment solutions for a wide variety of industries such as automotive assembly and general industrial.

(LT-4266, 3/06)

Solid Lubricant Additives Dispersions

(961 KB)
BONDERITE® solid lubricant additives offer superior lubrication qualities, while providing a definite competitive edge.
(LT-5701, 9/14)

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