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LOCTITE® light emitting diode (LED) adhesives and sealants help to ensure a long life for LED lighting devices, even in applications exposed to harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, vibration and underwater submersion.

Featured LED Adhesive: LOCTITE 4090 Hybrid Adhesive combines the bond strength of a structural epoxy with the speed of an instant adhesive. It's excellent for outdoor applications such as LED street lights and pool lights.

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Electrical and Optical (E&O) applications require specialty products to fit your needs.

Join this webinar to learn about adhesives, sealants and functional coatings used in the maintenance, repair and rebuilding of electric motors, cables & components and more. These webinars will focus on technologies and real-world industrial applications.

LED Assembly Applications:
LOCTITE LED adhesives and LED potting products are engineered for use in LED lighting devices found in roadway/parking lot, industrial/commercial, consumer/residential and architectural applications.
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Luminaire Design and LED Assembly Defined:

The lighting design engineer makes critical decisions about the physical attributes of the luminaire during the luminaire design phase ranging from LED dome selection to choice of housing materials. While LED assembly methods are determined by the manufacturing engineer, knowledge of assembly options is important to both disciplines.

Luminaires designed for outdoor use must resist airborne contaminants, tolerate temperature fluxuations and block out moisture. Lenses, housings, electrical connections, circuit boards, wire pass-throughs and LED domes need to be properly bonded, sealed and potted to provide protection from harsh conditions.

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