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Automotive Aftermarket Products

(3.7 MB)

Turn to Henkel for professional grade products you can count on. The same products used on race cars around the world. The same products automotive manufacturers use to build the cars you repair. Why use anything else?

(LT-3770, 9/14)

Disc Brake Quiet Stick

(0.46 MB)

Information on the revolutionary Loctite® Disc Brake Quiet Stick, specially formulated to dampen brake pad vibrations and eliminate noise. A vast improvement over traditional solvent and water-based products.

(LT-7068, 11/14)

"Do It Right" Users Guide

The primary function of this User’s Guide is to help you, the automotive professional, with the proper selection and use of Loctite® products.

(LT-4680, 6/13)

Heavy Duty Applications

(1.4 MB)

A guide to Henkel solutions for heavy-duty fleet repair and maintenance, including products for diesel engines, transmissions, differential/axle repair, suspensions and cabs.

(LT-4084, 11/14)

Loctite® Adhesives and Sealants Display

(0.22 MB)

The Loctite® aluminum product display can hold a dozen different, quality Loctite products. The display can be used on a counter top or hung from a peg board.

(LT-4350, 12/05)

Motorcycle Application Guide

(0.63 MB)

The Loctite® Motorcycle Application Guide offers a listing of products to improve the performance, safety and reliability of motorcycle bodies and engines.

(LT-4460, 10/06)

Stick Brochure

(4.7 MB)

Brochure describing the stick formulations for LOCTITE Threadlockers, which can be used in a wide range of automotive aftermarket applications, from delicate fuel injection components to heavy-duty transmission and engine assemblies.

(LT-3781, 6/12)

Transmission Applications

(0.47 MB)

Loctite® Transmissions Applications Guide.

(LT-4028, 10/04)

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