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Henkel offers a full line of LOCTITE® threadlocker products to suit the needs of the professional mechanic.

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Blog Post: How to Remove Loctite 2620 Red Threadlocker
One of the questions we get asked pretty frequently around here is “How do I remove LOCTITE 2620 Red Threadlocker?” While our red high strength threadlocker is considered a permanent assembly method, it can be removed if you know the right technique.
Written by: Mike Oliveira

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Select the right threadlocker for your needs:

Red Threadlocker - High Strength, Permanent
Loctite 262 (up to 3/4")
Loctite 272 (high temp)
Red Stick Threadlocker
Red Threadlocker - High Strength, Heavy Duty
Loctite 271 (up to 1")
Loctite 277 (large bolts)

Green Threadlocker - Wicking Grade, Preassembled
Loctite 290 (up to 1/2")

Purple Threadlocker - Low Strength, Small Thread
Loctite 222 (up to 1/4")

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LOCTITE® Threadlockers by Color

Discover the difference between Red, Blue, Green, and Purple Threadlockers

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Automotive Aftermarket Do-it Right Guide

New literature focused on the key features and benefits of 21 products in the LOCTITE® threadlocker line.

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