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Henkel's LOCTITE products have been solving vehicle maintenance and repair needs for more then fifty years! Not only will you find solutions for common maintenance problems on cars, but also motorcycles and marine engines as well.

From gasket repair to transmission maintenance and leaking exhuasts, you will find a product that fits your needs. Browse product types and various resources below.

To speak directly with an expert about LOCTITE products, contact us or stop into your local authorized LOCTITE dealer.

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LOCTITE Hi-Tack Stick
Formulated to work like LOCTITE Hi-Tack Liquid, but this wax-like stick is less messy, has a low odor, and is solvent-free.
NEW: Watch How to Use LOCTITE Hi-Tack Gasket Stick


LOCTITE Extend Rust Treatment
LOCTITE Extend® Rust Convertor provides one-step rust treatment that destroys old rust, prevents new rust.
NEW: Watch How to Remove Rust


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How to Change the Chain Case Oil on Your Snowmobile

The weather is finally getting colder. You know what that means…snow! I recently took my sled out to get it ready for the season and one of the first things I did was change the chain case oil.

Levi LaVallee wrote this post on Nov 7, 2016

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