Agricultural and Construction Vehicle Applications

The vehicles and equipment used in agricultural and construction industry like tractors, combines, backhoes, skid steers and its subcomponents are a big challenge for engine systems and maintenance engineering. No matter what your needs are, Henkel has the right product that will adapt to your manufacturing and maintenance process.

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  1. Tractors
  2. Combines
  3. Backhoes
  4. Skid Steers

Product and Application Categories

Product / Application Categories

Machinery Adhesives Assembly Solutions Functional Coatings NVH

2. Gasketing
3. Threadlocking
4. Thread sealing
5. Retaining

1. Structural bonding
6. Seam sealing
7. Window glazing
 8. Metal pretreatment (MPT) 9. Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH)

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