Maintenance & Repair Threadlockers

With the remarkable breadth of threadlocking products developed by Henkel, customers can choose the strength, temperature range, and cure speed necessary to prevent threads loosening from shock or vibration, and to stop rust and corrosion of threaded metal fasteners.

In addition to the Loctite® line of single component, easy-to-apply liquid threadlocking adhesives, Henkel also offers the same trusted product performance in a patented semi-solid stick. Convenient and portable Loctite® QuickStix are available in both medium and high-strength formulas. These revolutionary products are perfect for tougher applications, especially overhead.

Loctite® QuickStix™ Anearobic Threadlockers

Loctite Quickstix are designed to complement their liquid counterparts by offering greater flexibility in overhead or hard to reach applications, on components that cannot be moved, and for pretreating assemblies.

More reliable and cost effective than conventional mechanical fasteners, Loctite QuickStix Threadlockers eliminate loosening from vibration, shock and thermal expansion. Quickstix Threadlockers also prevent rust and corrosion while sealing and protecting threads.

Loctite QuickStix semi-solid threadlockers

Loctite® QuickTape® 249™ Threadlocker Tape

QuickTape provides the same reliability and performance as Loctite threadlocking liquids, in a form that’s neat, clean and easy to apply.

Loctite QuickTape 249 Threadlocker

Threadlocker v. Mechanical Locking Device


Results from the Transverse Vibration Test (Junkers Machine) that assesses fasteners' resistance to vibration loosening.

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