Thread Sealant

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How to Apply Bonding vs Fastening


Thread sealants, available in liquid or stick form, prevent leakage of gases and liquids on metal pipes and joints.

Thread sealing is achieved as the anaerobic adhesive cures when confined in the absence of air, and between close metal fitting surfaces. This technology is ideal for joints, which are considered to be dynamic due to vibration, changing pressures or changing temperatures.

Designed for low and high pressure applications, thread sealants fill the space between threaded parts and provide an instant, low pressure seal. When fully cured, they seal to the burst strength of most pipe systems.

Typical applications for thread sealants include sealing metal tapered pipe threads and fittings in the chemical processing, petroleum refining, pulp/paper, waste treatment, textile, utilities / power generation, marine, automotive, gas compression and distribution industries. Thread sealers are also recommended for industrial plant, fluid power systems.

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Advantages of LOCTITE Thread Sealants:

  • Single-component – clean and easy to apply
  • Do not creep, shrink or contaminate systems
  • Can be used on any size of pipe fitting
  • Replace all types of tape and hemp/paste sealants
  • The seal resists vibration and shock loads
  • Available with major agency approvals
  • Protect mated threaded areas against corrosion
  • Available with potable water and gas approvals
  • Ensures complete contact between threads, 100% seal
  • Designed for high- and low-pressure applications
  • Has controlled strength for ease of disassembly

Vehicle Repair/Aftermarket

Thread Sealants designed for use on the repair and maintenance of cars, motorcycles, trucks, and marine equipment.

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Watch how LOCTITE Thread Sealants are used on snowmobiles:

Benefits of using LOCTITE Thread Sealants instead of traditional sealant types:

  • Solvent-based sealing compounds can shrink during cure as solvents evaporate. Fittings must be re-torqued to minimize voids. They lock the assembly by a combination of friction and deformation.
  • PTFE tape lubricates in off direction, allowing fittings to loosen under dynamic loads and resulting in loss of clamping force and leakage. Dynamic loads may accelerate creep, causing leakage over time. The lubricating effect of PTFE frequently results in over-tightening of fasteners, adding stress or causing breakage of parts. Application requires good professional skills to avoid stressing fittings or castings.
  • Hemp & Paste are slow to apply, are messy to assemble, and interfere with the torque needed to obtain the correct pre-stress. These can require re-work to achieve a 100% seal of the assembly.


Adhésifs, scellant & traitements de surface pour systèmes hydrauliques & pneumatiques

Upgrades to LOCTITE 518 Flange Sealant and LOCTITE 567 and 577 Thread Sealants

Améliorations aux formules de LOCTITE 518 sellant pour bride, LOCTITE 567 et 577MC scellant pour filets

LOCTITE 518 Gasket Sealant for Reliable, Leak-Proof Seals

LOCTITEMD 518MC Scellant pour brides fiables et étanches

LOCTITE 567 and 577 Thread Sealants Offer Powerful Performance
No drips, no leaks, no unscheduled downtime - the next generation of LOCTITE thread sealants

LOCTITE 567 et 577 Scellants pour filets offrant rendement et puissance

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