Thermal Interface Materials

Things are heating up in electronics manufacturing – literally. The pace of device footprint reduction combined with consumer-driven increased functionality demands is pushing the thermal management capabilities of many packages to the brink. No doubt that effective heat transfer will be one of the most critical aspects of device design and manufacture in the coming decade.

Henkel’s thermal materials scientists have developed some unique and user-friendly products to address these thermal transfer priorities. The Loctite® line of Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials (PCTIM) offers exceptionally low thermal impedance between heat dissipating devices and the surface to which the component is mounted.  The premiere product in this line-up, Loctite Powerstrate® Xtreme™ adheres to heat sinks or components without heating, delivering amazing ease of use without compromising thermal performance.  For applications where the need for process convenience outweighs the need for PCTIM’s extremely low thermal impedance, Henkel’s portfolio of Loctite brand thermally conductive adhesives delivers user-friendly functionality with outstanding thermal conductivity.

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