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Loctite® AssureCure™ is a revolutionary technology that combines adhesive, a detection system and software to provide a quantifiable confirmation of the cure level for light cure acrylic adhesives. The system easily integrates into existing production lines downstream of the light curing operation and provides an immediate, non-destructive analysis of all bonded assemblies measured.

The AssureCure™ system is comprised of a fiber optic light source and detection equipment. The fiber optic light source momentarily illuminates the adhesive and the optical response is analyzed by the detection system in as little as 20 milliseconds. By applying a special algorithm to the response signal, a direct correlation to the adhesive’s degree of cure is obtained. The data is collected, analyzed, and can be displayed on an existing PC or PLC using the AssureCure software package. Results can be displayed numerically, corresponding to the degree of cure, or as a pass / fail measurement.


The data from the AssureCure™ system has been compared directly to proven off-line destructive methods to confirm that an adhesive has cured, including physical and analytical testing. The comparative results show exceptional correlation between the AssureCure™ output and physical testing as shown in Figure 1 where the ultimate pull strength of bonded needle assemblies for varying durations of light exposure are shown.

The adhesive’ degree of cure as measured by infrared analysis also correlates extremely well to the AssureCure™ system response as shown in Figure 2.

The AssureCure™ system response can also provide an immediate
in-line indication of the cytotoxicity of the adhesive within a bonded assembly. Figure 3 illustrates how the cytotoxicity level drops from a grade 4 (severe reactivity) to a grade 0 (no reactivity) is inversely correlated to the progression of the curing process as indicated by the AssureCure system.

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