Surface Engineering

Harsh environments, exposure to extreme conditions and high stress on components will wear out the highest quality equipment eventually.

LOCTITE’s surface engineering solutions enable you to rebuild, repair and protect your industrial equipment by fighting challenges such as corrosion, abrasion and chemical attacks.

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Application Engineering Support & Services

To offer professional application engineering services along with our products, Henkel is partnering with selected industrial maintenance service providers. These "Applicators" have the manpower and skills required by you to get the job done.


Improve Safety

by preventing occupational accidents due to part failure

Save Time

by minimizing downtime and extending part life


Reduce Costs

by avoiding part replacement and reducing spare part inventories

Increase Reliability

of worn parts by restoring them to a serviceable condition


LOCTITE's surface engineering products help you repair, rebuild and protect your industrial equipment.



Prepare your equipment for long-lasting surface engineering effects with LOCTITE's easy-to-use cleaners that fully remove pollution, grease and chemical contaminants.

Metal-filled Compounds

Repair mechanical damages or crashes WITHOUT welding to maintain your components on the production line.

Protective Coating & Compounds

Protect against corrosion, abrasion, aggressive chemicals and other threats to keep maintenance costs and downtime to a bare minimum.