Success Stories

Your Achievements Make Us Both Successful

Everyone is capable of being a LOCTITE Pro. That's why we're so excited by what our customers are achieving with LOCTITE anaerobic adhesives, through emails, blog posting, and letters keep telling the world about the great things you've done with our product! Here are a few success stories.

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Gasketing Stories

Anaerobic Solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry

In paper mills, gaskets are used on various equipment throughout the plant to prevent leakage of fluids by forming impervious barriers.

Whirlpool Uses LOCTITE FIP Flange Sealants

Leaks Eliminated, Gasketing Costs Cut Over 60%

Retaining Stories

Quick Metal Repairs Gear Box Input Shaft; Saves Paper Mill Million Dollar Shutdown

LOCTITE manufacturing reliability gives maintenance team the know-how
LOCTITE RC 620 Seals Komatsu Injector Tubes

ProActive maintenance program provides assembly standardization
Pump Wear Sleeves Assembled Using LOCTITE RC 609 Retaining Compound

The cost of this new methods cuts the expense in half while producing a quieter-running, longer-living assembly.
LOCTITE Adhesives Designed into NCP Trap Guns For Barrel-To-Barrel Uniformity

New Assembly Methods Increase Reliability and Safety, Reduce Labor

Threadlocking Stories

LOCTITE 290 Wicking Grade Threadlocker Stops the Leak and Saves $10,000 in Lost Production

Thermal generating station eliminates lengthy, unscheduled shutdown
LOCTITE 242 Removable Threadlocker Ends Loose Screws on Commercial Door Hardware

Large hotel depends on LOCTITE threadlocker to keep doors operational
LOCTITE 262 Retains Vacuum Adaptor Flange; Saves $35,000/Hr in Downtime

Manufacturing reliability training helps tissue manufacturer maintenance team
LOCTITE 290 Threadlocker Keeps Hydropulper Gearbox Tight

Prevents misalignment problems and equipment failures
LOCTITE Anaerobics Designed Into Arctic Cat
LOCTITE Applications On Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
LOCTITE Threadlocker Adhesives Increase Life And Reliability Of Pump; Decrease Assembly Problems

Standard Class 2 studs, up to and including 1/2", are now assembled by applying LOCTITE 271 Threadlocker into the blind stud hole and screwing in the stud by hand. LOCTITE 271 is a high strength adhesive for fasteners up to 1" in diameter.
LOCTITE 262 Threadlocker Locks Locomotive Traction Motor Mounting Bearing Bolts

LOCTITE 262 Threadlocker is a high strength adhesive designed for extreme environmental/chemical conditions. It's especially useful where Grade 5 and 8 fasteners are subjected to heavy shock, vibration and stress levels. It stays locked securely, yet is removeable with heat and hand tools.

Thread Sealing Stories

Buford Bros. Relies on PST 567 Pipe Sealant to Eliminate Leaks in Compressed Air Systems

Air leaks can cost over $12,500 annually in wasted energy
Proactive Maintenance Stops Leaks Before They Happen

PST 567 Pipe Sealant stops the leak on University's chilled water piping

LOCTITE Products Tough Enough For Tigersharks

Design Solutions from LOCTITE on Arctco’s Tigershark Personal Watercraft
Polaris Sportsman 500 ATV

Creates unique competitive advantage for safety, comfort and performance
New 10-Liter Containers Provide Zero Sealant Waste

LOCTITE Innovations Give A.O. Smith More Efficient System
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