Agriculture and Construction Subcomponents Applications

Agricultural and construction machines are made of subcomponents with different roles and functions which require continuous maintenance and service to ensure problem free operation. Our solutions for vehicle assemblies will help you to reduce process steps and improving efficiency at the same time.
For more information about our solutions portfolio, take a look at the application categories used in transmission, gearbox and axle/ differential assemblies.

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  1. Transmission Assemblies (1/2)
  2. Transmission Assemblies (2/2)
  3. Axle/Differential Assemblies
  4. Gearbox Assemblies

Product and Application Categories

Product / Application Categories

Machinery Adhesives Assembly Functional Coatings

2. Gasketing
3. Threadlocking
4. Thread sealing
5. Retaining

1. General bonding 8. Metal pretreatment (MPT)

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