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LOCTITE® has developed of full line of silicone solutions to meet your needs.

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Loctite® SI 5640™ is a 2K self-leveling silicone potting solution with a V-O rating and an improved adhesion to plastics, while it maintains adhesive properties under 85°C / 85% RH aging conditions.

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Silicone Bonding

Typical applications for Loctite silicone adhesive products include glass bonding, whether it’s lenses in outdoor lights, assembly of optical elements, window assembly and sealing or bonding mirrors for lasers. 

Silicone Sealing

 Ultra-clear, fast curing as quick as 30 minutes at room temperature, re-enterable for repair of potted components, flexible to accommodate vibration, flexing and thermal shocks.  Temperature resistance maintains flexibility from -60ºF to 600ºF, and high tensile strength surpassing 200 psi.


Silicone Gasketing

Replaces conventional gaskets to reduce inventory, single component-easy to clean and apply, excellent instant seal, and fills all voids.  No need for re-torquing, high resistance to solvents, and resist high pressure when fully cured.

Silicone Potting

Sealing components with silcone potting compounds prevent corrosion and ensures long-term integrity of the device.  Silicones are used for potting - bulbs and LEDs for lights and signals, CRT modules in displays, electrical connectors and levels in hand tools.


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