Loctite® Equipment Services


> Calibration Service
Henkel provides calibration services for all of its light meters. All meters are calibrated to original calibration standards. Data is collected before and after calibration and a certificate is issued that states test results. In addition, you can sign up with Henkel for calibration reminders. All units are also inspected during calibration for any potential repairs.


> Field Service
Henkel Technicians are available to travel to your location for repair services, preventative maintenance, training or assistance in setting up a new system. Whatever you need Henkel can provide the service.


> Lease-to-Own Program
Henkel offers a lease-to-own program for new equipment. According to the United States Equipment Lessors Association, 80% of all companies use leasing to acquire some or all of the machinery and equipment they use to run their business. Henkel's lease-to-own program provides an effective way for your business to acquire almost any Henkel equipment. Leases can be customized to each company's needs. Our program can also include other services and spare parts as part of the equipment lease. Let us customize a lease program to meet your needs.


> Rental Program
Many of the equipment products that Henkel offers are available for short-term rental. Henkel's equipment rental program allows customers the flexibility to confirm the performance of our adhesive and equipment risk-free before investing in a purchase. If, during the first 30 days, you decide that you would like to purchase the rental equipment, the entire rental charge is credited toward your purchase.


> Repair / Rebuild Service
Henkel's factory repair service allows our customers the option to have their equipment rebuilt or repaired at Henkel by qualified technicians. For many dispense valves, Customers can exchange eligible equipment in need of repair for a previously re-conditioned unit. If you have equipment in need of repair that is not in the rebuild exchange program, Henkel will prepare a quotation for repairing the equipment. Rental equipment may be available on a short-term basis to minimize down time.


> Used Equipment Program
Henkel is able to offer a wide range of used or discontinued equipment at discount prices. This equipment typically has been used in our rental program or has been used for customer demonstrations or trade shows. This equipment may have cosmetic blemishes, but performs to original factory specification. All equipment carries the same warranty as new equipment and is fully tested prior to sale.

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