The Service You Need
Loctite has Preapplied Centers throughout the world, which provide coating service for our customers. A complete range of products for specific customer applications is available with various strengths, temperature resistance and lubricating properties. With these innovative OEM-approved solutions there is no need to apply adhesives, sealants or any other locking or sealing device during assembly.

Loctite brand preapplied coatings assure that pretreated components can be reused after disassembly by applying the appropriate liquid Loctite® threadlocking or thread sealing product. Benefits of the procedure include:

  • Vibration resistance
  • Ease of automation
  • Dry to touch coating
  • Reduced component costs and assembly time
  • Any fastener becomes a self-locking/self-sealing fastener

One-Source Satisfaction
The state-of-the-art Loctite® PreApplied Centers offer a complete range of services and guarantee total satisfaction at every stage. Their fully automatic coating machines allow almost any size or shape of a bolt, screw, stud, plug or nut to be coated. Plus, the company’s global reach assures that the advanced technology and diligent service provided by these centers is locally available in all regions.

The Products You Want
Henkel’s Loctite® brand offers environmentally friendly Dri-Seal™, Dri-Loc®, Vibra-Seal®, Brass-loc® and Anti-Seize preapplied coatings for locking and sealing threaded parts.

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