Process Maintenance

Developed with the customer in mind, Henkel offers trusted BONDERITE brand technology. This comprehensive and unique range of specialty products is designed to make automotive manufacturing processes easier and more efficient while ensuring equipment longevity.

Highlighters, tire lubricants, e-coat cleaners and paint booth coatings are developed primarily for the automotive industry. More universal products include floor cleaners, paint and sealer line cleaners and detackification products.

Henkel's process maintenance products and services offer customers several key benefits:

  • Henkel's comprehensive service offering ensures process optimization while allowing customers to focus on their business
  • Always in accordance with industry regulations, Henkel products are designed with environmental safety in mind
  • Ease of application is important to maintaining an efficient process, so Henkel engineers work diligently to develop products from the customer perspective.

It is this combination of product excellence and seasoned expertise that enables Henkel to assist customers in achieving outstanding results.

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