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Medical Device Adhesive Training

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New Technologies (15 min.)

Light Cure Adhesives & Curing Equipment (60 min.)

Instant Adhesives (45 min.)

Epoxies (Heat Cure & Two-Part) (15 min.)

Silicones / Polyurethanes (15 min.)

Plastic / Adhesive Selection (How to select optimal plastic / adhesive combinations) (30 min.)

Joint Design (How to optimize adhesive joints and avoid poor design) (45 min.)

Adhesive Biocompatibility Testing (Loctite ISO-10993 vs. USP Class VI Test Program) (15 min.)

Key Selection Criteria (Consideration of uncured, curing, and cured properties) (45 min.)

Sterilization Resistance (Sterilization methods as they relate to adhesive type) (15 min.)

Needle Bonding (Review of Needle Bonding Guide) (60 min.)

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