Retaining Cylindrical Assemblies

Henkel’s respected Loctite® brand compounds are available in liquid, paste and semi-solid form to bond non-threaded, cylindrical metal assemblies.  Henkel offers both high and moderate strength products for filling the inner voids in close-fitting press fits, keyways and splines.  Additionally, they mount bearings and bushings, and make press fits even stronger.

Retaining Cylindrical Assemblies Products

Retaining Cylindrical Assemblies Success Stories

ACH 208 Loctite Prevents Hammer Mill Shutdown
ACH 210 Superior Fit For Coupling Hub
ACH 212 Quick Metal Repairs Gear Box Input Shaft
ACH 220 Retaining Compound Decreases Schedule
ACH222 Retaining Compound Keeps Piston Rods Secure
ACH 227 Retaining Compound Saves Machining Costs
ACH 230 Injector Tube Assembly
ACH 231 Sawmill Coleman Insert Assembly
ACH 232 Sawmill Housing & Bearing Assembly
ACH 239 Bucket Loader Hinge Pin Assembly
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