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Permanently lock and seal threaded fasteners up to one-inch in diameter. Red LOCTITE Threadlockers are designed for high strength and high temperature applications.

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LOCTITE 272 Red Threadlocker

High Strength Featured Threadlockers:
LOCTITE 263 Red Threadlocker   
LOCTITE 268 Stick Red Threadlocker



  • Designed to deliver high strength on ¼ " to ¾ " (6 mm to 22 mm) fasteners
  • Optimum temperature range is -65ºF to 550ºF
  • Disassembling requires localized heat (>550°F/260°C), hand tools, and disassembly while hot

Ideal for:

  • Permanent assemblies
  • Heavy equipment
  • Suspension bolts
  • Motor and pump mounts
  • Bearing cap bolts and studs

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Manufacturing & Assembly Maintenance & Repair (MRO) Vehicle Repair / Aftermarket
Industrial Manufacturing & Assembly CustomersIndustrial Maintenance & Repair CustomersVehicle Maintenance & Repair Customers

Threadlockers designed for use on industrial assembly applications in manufacturing facilities.

Threadlockers designed for use on industrial maintenance, repair & overhaul applications.

Threadlockers designed for use on the repair and maintenance of cars, motocycles, trucks, and marine equipment.


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