(Known as Teroson MS 939 )

TEROSON MS 939 BK Silane Modified Polymers (SMPs) are designed for elastic seam and joint sealing and bonding and coating of most metals and plastics. They are primerless, offer good UV and weather resistance, are paintable after applied and are solvent and Isocyanate-free.

TEROSON MS 939 BK is a gun-grade, one-component sealant based on silane modified polymers, which cures by reaction with moisture to an elastic product. The skin formation and curing times are dependent on humidity and temperature, and the curing time also depends on joint depth.

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Teroson Terostat MS 939 (Teroson Terostat MS 939)

Product information

IDH# Item Name Size
Case Quantity
Safety Data Sheets
99164 99164 TEROSON MS 939 BK
310 ml cartridge
1 / case