LOCTITE DRI 201 ECO Threadlocker

(Known as LOCTITE 201 Dri-Loc Threadlocker )

LOCTITE DRI 201 Threadlocker is a dry-to-the-touch, preapplied fill for threaded fasteners. It remains inert on the fastener until assembly of the threads releases a quick curing resin. The resin fills all the voids in the threads and cures to securely lock and seal the assembly. Temperature performance up to 400ºF, high strength threadlocker and sealant able to be used on plated parts and organic coatings. Use with LOCTITE P-3™ caps. Meets GM 6194 and GMW14657C specifications.

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Loctite 201 (Loctite 201)