Plastic Bonding Adhesives

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Plastic bonding adhesives have become an integral part of today’s manufacturing processes.  It would be difficult to identify a product which does not use plastics in one form or another.  To aid the design and manufacture of plastic products, Henkel provides a variety of plastic bonding adhesives and equipment to meet any assembly challenge.

Top Recommendations:

Loctite® 401™ Prism®

Designed for OEM assembly of difficult-to-bond materials which require uniform stress distribution.

Loctite® 3092™

A two-component, rapid cure cyanoacrylate adhesive for bonding a variety of plastics.


CA (cyanoacrylate) Volumetric Hand Pump

Provides precision repeatable dispensing of cyanoacrylate adhesives with finger tip control.

Loctite® 3035™

Easy-to-use, 1:1 mix product that works where traditional low surface energy bonders often fail.


Plastic Bonding Adhesives Research

From common plastics such as PVC and ABS to hard-to-bond polyolefin based plastics, Henkel’s research team is constantly compiling data on the latest advances in plastic bonding adhesives and applications.  Below are recently published plastic bonding adhesives research papers for review.

Advances in Cyanoacrylate Technology
Andrew Scott & Robert Davis, Henkel Corp

Structural Bonding Alternatives for Plastics
Rachel B Nashett, Henkel Corporation

Advances in Bonding to Polyolefin Based Plastics
Alex Matassa, Henkel Corporation

Quantitative Confirmation of the Degree of Cure of a Light Cure Acrylic Adhesive
Anne Forcum, Henkel Corporation

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