Adhesive Solutions for Medical Filters

Demand for medical filtration will continue to increase due to aging populations and improved access to medical care, especially in developing countries.

Henkel’s experience in the medical device industry can assist medical filter manufacturers by developing customized solutions and recommending optimized processes and products to meet their specific requirements.

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Dialyzers and Oxygenators

Hollow Fiber Potting

Henkel’s two-part polyurethane adhesives for hollow fiber filtration offer flexibility and customized options for medical filter manufacturers.

Cutting the adhesive to open the fibers is critical to producing a good dialyzer. The adhesive needs to be cut within the “cutting window” to allow the adhesive to build enough hardness to avoid delamination from the housing, but not gain too much hardness so that a smooth surface can be obtained.


  • Customized products for specific application needs
  • Low viscosity for optimal fiber bundle penetration
  • High adhesion to plastic housings
  • Process optimization recommendations
  • Industry approvals: ISO 10993

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