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Medical Engineering

Medical Device Engineering
Henkel understands the unique requirements of medical device engineering, and that expertise has inspired the creation of the Loctite AssureCure system.

This revolutionary technology combines a newly developed Loctite adhesive with a new monitoring system. This promises to provide a hitherto unrivalled level of reliability and precision in the curing of light cure adhesives as the basis for perfect bonding.

Why Henkel for Medical Device Engineering?
Henkel offers the most comprehensive adhesive product line to meet the challenges inherent in medical device engineering. Advantages of light cure medical device adhesives over welding or mechanical assembly methods include:

  • Joins dissimilar substrates
  • Distributes stresses evenly
  • Fills large gaps
  • Seals and bonds
  • Results in a neat appearance
  • Is easily automated

Our Medical Device Engineering Services
Whether it’s a product recommendation or a complete turnkey process, Henkel Engineering Services can provide the right solution. Our skilled engineers have years of combined experience developing hundreds of solutions for medical device manufacturers. Consult with Henkel and gain access to:

•    On-site engineering assistance and consultation
•    Joint product development programs and
custom formulations
•    Contract lab services and testing, including
environmental conditioning and accelerated
aging studies
•    Prototype testing and fixture preparation
•    Analytical services to determine surface conditions and
degree of cure

Click here for more information about Henkel’s medical device engineering services, or the Loctite AssureCure system.
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