Medical Device Adhesive Training & Webinars

Henkel offers three medical device adhesive training options that provide support to medical device manufacturers around the globe. Training continues after the seminar: you are linked to a network of information sources including adhesive design guides, research data and technical reports.

Available and archived webinars:

October 2013: Innovative Solutions for Hard to Bond Plastics in Medical Device Assembly
How to Quantifiably Confirm Cure of Light Cure Adhesives Webinar

On-Site Medical Device Adhesive Technology Training
A training program customized to your needs. Select from a menu of eleven of the most requested medical device adhesive topics, or request a customized seminar to meet your specific requirements. The course will be presented at your facility and will include instruction, hands-on demos, samples and technical guides. Request on-site training.

Training topics include:

  • New technologies
  • Joint design
  • Light cure adhesives and curing equipment
  • Adhesive biocompatibility testing
- instant adhesives
  • Key selection criteria
- epoxies
  • Sterilization resistance
- silicones / polyurethanes
  • Needle bonding
- plastic / adhesive selection

Off-Site Training Seminars
These unique, fully integrated, four- to seven-hour programs are taught by Henkel engineering and technical representatives who have years of experience providing solutions to medical device manufacturers on design and assembly challenges. Presenters will review a range of issues specifically related to the medical device industry. Attendees will benefit from hands-on demonstrations of adhesives and equipment.

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