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Medical Design

Medical Device Design
Henkel understands the unique requirements of the medical design industry and offers the most comprehensive adhesive product line to meet the challenges of creating both disposable and non-disposable devices.

Why Henkel for Medical Device Adhesives?
From hypodermic supplies, sutures, transducers and tubing assemblies to endoscopes, hearing aids, orthopedic devices and surgical instruments, Henkel is ready to assist you in the design and manufacture of medical devices. Customers around the world trust our design and engineering team to provide a comprehensive line of adhesives and equipment.

Advantages of medical device design adhesives over welding or mechanical assembly methods include:

  • Joins dissimilar substrates
  • Distributes stresses evenly
  • Fills large gaps
  • Seals and bonds
  • Results in a neat appearance
  • Is easily automated

Attend a Medical Design and Manufacturing Conference

Henkel offers LoctiteÆ Medical Device Adhesive Seminars throughout the year.† These comprehensive programs address topics specifically related to medical device design and assembly, including proper joint design for adhesive assembly, selecting the appropriate adhesive technology, and processing-equipment requirements.

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