Henkel: World-class excellence in automotive adhesives and coatings
Henkel is committed to developing material solutions to drive automotive designs forward.  With a complete portfolio of technologies, expert engineering support and testing capabilities, Henkel is dedicated to meeting OEM and Tier supplier goals.

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Automotive Manufacturing

 Automotive Aftermarket

Work Truck and Trailer

Automotive Aftermarket & Repair
Henkel's Loctite® brand products offer a comprehensive range of products to ensure the reliability of mechanical assemblies. Service technicians rely on the consistent quality and ready availability of these products which have been specially designed to suit the needs of automotive repair professionals.


Automotive Electronics
Electronics in automobiles have grown substantially in the last decade and are only expected to increase as cars become more intelligent, energy-efficient, safer and more comfortable. With more function comes the need for more advanced electronics, which require high-reliability materials that can cope with a variety of automotive applications. Henkel offers experience in multiple formulation techniques – for example, marrying adhesive performance with thermal control in hybrid materials – and is providing superior value to automotive manufacturers as they consider next-generation designs. From under-the-hood control to in-cabin comfort, entertainment and safety to exterior lighting, keyless entry and tire sensors, Henkel materials have automotive electronics manufacturers covered -- bumper to bumper. 


Trucks & Buses
Henkel’s depth of complete solutions for truck and bus applications help to deliver a more durable, attractive vehicle while providing greater manufacturing efficiency. Henkel’s expertise and products help ensure outstanding quality throughout cab shop, paint line and assembly applications.