Transportation / Fleet Maintenance & Repair

Improving efficiency in the maintenance & repair process

Our high performance adhesives and sealants help engineers design and build advanced lightweight constructions, and help achieve such objectives as higher speeds and lower fuel consumption.

What do you need from an adhesive?

Henkel products make an important contribution to safety, comfort and value retention:

  • Safety: through components made of highly rigid structural foams that absorb impact energy in the event of a crash
  • Comfort: through innovative sound-deadening materials that improve vehicle acoustics 
  • Value: through pretreatment systems for car bodies that optimize corrosion protection and paint adhesion

Select your Industry below for product and application solutions.


Agricultural & Construction Machinery
For decades, agricultural and construction machinery manufacturers have used Henkel adhesive, sealant and surface treatment technologies to improve end-use product performance, reduce production costs and create more efficient manufacturing processes.


Automotive Aftermarket & Repair
Henkel's Loctite® brand products offer a comprehensive range of products to ensure the reliability of mechanical assemblies. Service technicians rely on the consistent quality and ready availability of these products which have been specially designed to suit the needs of automotive repair professionals.


Marine Industry (MRO)
From the maintenance of large generators and turbines to the setting and alignment of pumps, gearboxes and motors, Loctite® products can provide solutions that meet approvals in this environment.


Henkel delivers comprehensive solutions for a wide range of motorcycle applications, and provides reliable value and innovation so customers can focus on growing their businesses.


Railways (MRO)
Increase reliability and effectively maintain and repair rolling stock, engines and equipment, railway station facilities and mechanical areas.