Medical Tapes

With medical tapes from Henkel, expect more than “one size fits all”
Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes must serve different purposes in different situations.  

Some applications require high tack, good moisture resistance and 24-48 hour durability. Others such as cosmetic or facial applications require lower tack but softer removal.  

As a result of Henkel’s years of experience with acrylic PSAs in solution, waterborne and hotmelt forms, the company has the ability to balance the aggressiveness of the adhesive with ease of removal of the medical device for the most demanding applications.

Stick with experience
Makers of skin contact medical devices rely on DURO-TAK® solvent adhesives and Technomelt® hotmelt adhesives for their wide range of proven performance properties, as well as the breathability and moisture vapor transmission properties required for longer term applications.

For cosmetic and facial surgery, where softer, gentler adhesives are required, our DERMA-TAK® hotmelt and solvent adhesives remain in place for short term applications and can then be removed easily and painlessly.