Steel Mills

Henkel offers numerous solutions to the steel industries.  For more than 50 years, Henkel has provided superior technology and a thorough knowledge of customers’ processes in the metals industry to provide optimal solutions for metal applications.

Henkel is a leading supplier of rolling oils, cleaners, pretreatments and passivates to steel industries. The engineers and chemists at Henkel have been developing a complete range of products – to process and protect flat roll steel – for the steel industry for more than 50 years. In addition, Henkel offers superior technology in the metal industry as well as a thorough knowledge of our customers’ processes to provide optimal solutions for metal applications.

Henkel offers numerous solutions to the steel mills industry. Henkel’s steel mills group provides a variety of coatings, including rust preventatives and passivates, that are spray or roll-coater applied. Henkel’s passivates are specialized for a large range of applications and are used by customers globally. In addition, the company provides lubricants and cleaners that are utilized for rolling and as pretreatments for flat steel.

Lubricants – Process chemicals are customized to provide quality and productivity to the flat rolling industry. The experts at Henkel draw on their knowledge and experience to custom design rolling oils for optimum lubrication, cleanliness and reduced costs.  The lubricants are available in custom, conventional or synthetic blends.  Additionally, Henkel’s chemists and engineers ensure efficient product development and chemical analyses and technical support, while sales representatives, consultants and management provide valuable resources for mill personnel.

Passivates – Henkel’s passivates are developed specifically for the steel industry’s end use customer. Protective oils provide resistance against corrosion, are readily cleaned prior to post-treatment operations, provide superior roll formability and contain low/no VOCs.  Henkel also produces RoHS-compliant, organic and inorganic passivates, which designed for moderate- to long-term corrosion protection.

Surface Treatments – Henkel produces the widest range of specialized cleaners for the steel industry.  The surface treatments are economical, available in liquid and powder applications, and are customized to suit each application need.  Moreover, to help reduce costs, all liquids are formulated to maximum concentration.

Stainless Steel Pickling – Henkel has patented a chemical process to remove scale from stainless steel pickling in the absence of nitric acid, resulting in an elimination of nitric oxide (NOx) emissions.

Henkel’s state-of-the-art technologies offer numerous benefits to its customers in the steel mills industry, including: 
Environmental sustainability

  • Offer safer ways to use chemistries
  • Reduce operator exposure
  • Environmentally friendly chrome-free surface treatments

Improved performance

  • Improves corrosion performance
  • Widest range of specialized cleaners in the industry with superior cleaning quality

Improved operating efficiency

  • Automation for process control and cost reductions
  • Smart controllers for integrated process control equipment
  • Products that allow our customers to run at maximum line speeds while ensuring quality

Cost savings

  • Reduce operating expenses (time, manpower, energy)
  • Total operating costs are lower than competitors

Global capabilities

  • Regional operations to serve customers globally 
  • Worldwide project management support
  • Global research programs to continually develop innovative products
  • Global product portfolio

Customer support

  • Research projects held in conjunction with our customers
  • Dedicated technical support team knowledgeable in all aspects of steel processing

Our Brands

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