Metal Forming

Henkel: The leader in surface treatment technology and service
Henkel offers a variety of metal forming products for the metal industry including solutions for metal removal, metal stamping/drawing, forging, die casting, cold forming, cleaning and rust preventive:

  • Chemical cleaning
  • Hot forging extrusions 
  • Polymers
  • Pretreatments
  • Reactive lubricants
  • Wire drawings

The company serves thousands of metal forming processes for a wide range of products, from appliances to automobiles, nails to welding wire, lawn tractors to camp stoves, and bolts to crankshafts.

Henkel’s numerous metal forming solutions provide increased productivity, improved quality, environmental responsibility, improved operator safety and global capabilities.

From cleaning products to pretreatments, Henkel’s metal forming group has the ability to provide solutions for the entire value chain.  Our products include solutions for applications including hot forging extrusions, cold forming extrusions, and wire and tube drawing.

Chemical Cleaning – Our dependable line of cleaners efficiently remove dust, dirt, and metal particles as well as lubricant and oil residues.

    • Inhibitors – Formulated to provide consistent, superior protection to the base metal during acid cleaning operations without reducing productivity.
    • Cleanox® – A proprietary process for stainless steel cleaning utilizing small amount of fluoride offering environmental and economic advantages.

Hot Forging Extrusions – Henkel offers a broad range of graphite, synthetic and hybrid lubricants to perform various applications and processes.  Our representatives will audit your process and recommend a product for optimal performance.

    • Hot Forging Lubricants – Designed to perform under extreme temperatures and pressure, the P3® forge lubricants product line can perform in spray and flood applications to protect tooling, improve tool life and reduce scrap.   Henkel’s synthetic and hybrid products are specifically formulated to replace fully graphitic products while providing the lubrication and protection to tooling on even the toughest forge.

Polymers – Henkel’s line of polymers are developed using environmentally friendly ingredients that can easily be applied with in-line or batch systems.  An alternative to reactive and non-reactive soaps, these water-based, dry-in-place coatings are compatible with traditional pretreatment technology.

Pretreatments – Henkel’s variety of conversion coatings for metal surfaces hold lubricants in place during forming operations, minimize metal-to-metal contact, and reduce tendency for welding and galling.

    • Cold Forming Extrusions – Our Bonderite® conversion coatings and Bonderlube family of lubricants address the most difficult forming applications.  This technology is proven throughout the industry to perform with the consistency and quality to develop high quality parts.
    • Tube Drawing – Our Bonderite® conversion coatings and Bonderlube family of lubricants will address the most difficult tube drawing applications.  This technology is proven throughout the industry to perform with the consistency and the quality for pipe and tube applications.

Reactive Lubricants – Henkel’s reactive soaps that form metallic stearate coatings on top of phosphates for optimal cold forming of metal.

Henkel’s numerous metal forming solutions offer multiple benefits including:

Increased Productivity

    • Decreases overall operating expenses through constancy and dependability
    • Increases plant profitability due to less energy in processing costs
    • Increases operation up time due to lower maintenance requirements

Improved Quality

    • Keeps machine interiors and press surroundings clean
    • Reduces scrap
    • Improves microfinish on final parts

Safe Products for Environment/Operators

    • Products designed for longer system life without use of routine tank side additives
    • Reduces operator exposure and offers safer ways to use chemistries without loss of performance

Global Capability

    • Operations throughout the world to serve customers globally
    • Project management using worldwide resources

Casting & Forging Equipment
Henkel’s die casting and forging solutions are compatible with a wide range of process equipment. Utilizing equipment reduces cycle time and costs and allows for optimum utilization of Henkel’s lubricant solutions.


Cold Forming
Henkel’s Bonderite conversion coatings and Bonderlube family of lubricants address the most difficult cold forming applications. Industry tested and factory-floor approved, Henkel products perform with the consistency and quality necessary to develop high quality parts.


Die Casting
Henkel’s leading technology in die-casting coatings can help maximize productivity and part quality, which can also maximize profits.


Henkel’s Acheson line of die lubricants and release agents are outstanding performers under the most extreme conditions of temperature and abrasion.


Stamping & Drawing
Henkel's full line of quality products for stamping and drawing is available in a variety of chemistries including straight oils, emulsions, synthetics and dry films.