Coil Coating

Henkel offers numerous solutions for the coil coatings industry.  As the world’s leading supplier of automated process control and management information systems for coil coating lines, Henkel also develops modern, high-speed coil coating pretreatment processes, both in the United States and globally.

Henkel is the world’s leading supplier of automated process control and management information systems for coil coating lines. These systems have proven to be a highly reliable, low-maintenance means to optimize the quality and cost effectiveness of Henkel’s process chemicals. In addition, Henkel is the leading source for modern, high-speed coil coating pretreatment processes, both in the United States and globally. 

Henkel’s coil coating products provide solutions for the cleaning, pretreatment, lubrication and coating of aluminum substrate for later processing. Innovative coil coating products help customers stay ahead of the competition by offering solutions for specialized cleaners, conversion coatings, passivates, dried-in-place coatings and final rinse materials. In addition, Henkel supplies support equipment such as chemical feed pumps, mixer and spray nozzles, all of which are compatible with its process chemicals.

Henkel offers numerous solutions for the coil coatings industry. Henkel’s cleaning, coating and passivated chemicals for steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum coils are specified for a large range of applications by customers globally. New products include dry-film lubricants and a full line of adhesives for almost any application.

Adhesives – Henkel is the leader in adhesive technology, and researchers are continuously investigating and developing the strongest and most durable adhesives in the industry. Henkel’s coil coating division provides a full line of adhesive products for bonding laminates and metal. 

Cleaners – Henkel provides a variety of superior, multi-metal surface cleaners to the coil coatings industry. Henkel’s cleaners also are environmentally safe and offer a wide range of operating temperatures.
Dry-Film Lubricants – Henkel’s dry-film lubricants are the industry’s best-in-class. They are cleaner and more effective than traditional stamping lubricants. Additionally, Henkel’s dry-film lubricants offer low maintenance and improved lubricity.

Passivates – Henkel offers the most extensive range of passivates to its customers. The chemists and engineers at Henkel develop organic, inorganic and RoHS-compliant chemical treatments. In addition, Henkel’s passivates offer:

  • Better roll formability
  • Superior corrosion performance
  • Low applied cost

Surface Treatments – Henkel is the world’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art surface treatment technologies. The company offers numerous solutions including iron and zinc phosphates, complex oxides, dry-in-place chrome-fee and chrome pretreatments and sealing rinses. Benefits of using Henkel’s surface treatments include:

  • Low applied cost
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent corrosion performance
  • Superior paint adhesion

Henkel’s numerous coil coating solutions offer multiple benefits including: 

State-of-the-art technologies

  • Paint adhesion
  • Weathering
  • Halting spread of underpaint corrosion
  • Extensive experience – first prepaint treatment developed in 1915

Higher Line Speeds

  • Modern lines run at speeds up to 1,000 feet-per-minute
  • Some processes require as little as three seconds of exposure to the metal surface

Outstanding Results/Lower Costs

  • Costs significantly lower than competitors 
  • Processes engineered to be robust and less sensitive to fluctuations in processing conditions
  • Maintains smooth, uniform, high-speed production

Environmentally Sound

  • R&D enabled processes
  • Aquatic safe cleaners
  • Chrome-free treatments and rinses

Specialized Cleaners

  • Widest range in industry
  • Cleaning, coating and passivation chemicals
  • Suitable for cold rolled steel, galvanized, Galvalume and aluminum coils

Research Program

  • Large investment of resources
  • Backed up by worldwide affiliates
  • Continually develops innovative products for coil lines

Dedicated Technical Support Team

  • Largest and most experienced in the industry
  • Wide range of laboratory and pilot line services
  • Ensures equipment will function effectively for many years

Our Brands

Alodine® Alodine® is a brand name for Henkel conversion, anodizing and functional coatings that provide corrosion protection and paint adhesion. more...

BONDERITE Henkel’s BONDERITE is the premier brand for surface technology and process solutions that creates competitive advantage across the industrial manufacturing marketplace. more...

Granocoat® An organic coating with corrosion protection for steel strip, ready to use as pre-coated sheet for the automotive industry. more...

Multan® Multan high-performance coolants for metalworking and forming of light metals, cast iron, steel alloys and non-ferrous metals. more...

P3® P3 products enhance manufacturing processes and includes rust preventatives, surface conditioners and cleaners. more...