Films & Tape Converting

Passing the test
No other product line in the vast Henkel portfolio is tested more rigorously than those designated for Film and Tape Converting. Henkel has built a peerless reputation as a producer of solvent based, rubber based and acrylic adhesives for a variety of specialty film laminations, and replicates each customers’ applications in-house to make certain that our products perform as they should.

A product for every application
Henkel specializes in offering pressure sensitive adhesive products to meet the growing demand and needs of the market. Our product offering covers such diverse market areas as:

  • Graphics
  • Labels
  • Tapes
  • Medical

Industry innovation
From masking tape and mounting tape to removable and permanent films, the Henkel portfolio of pressure sensitive adhesives and coatings offers an effective solution to every application requirement:

  • Metal foil tapes
  • High-temperature tapes
  • Specialty films
  • Foil
  • Masking and protective tapes

Brands you can trust
For more than 50 years, DURO-TAK solvent based acrylics have been used in tape, label and graphics applications where maintaining adhesive performance under heat, and a variety of challenging environmental conditions is needed.
Henkel’s Technomelt high-end performance products are formulated to match specific end requirements. Whatever attributes a customer requires from a supplier – cold resistance, moisture resistance, high peel, high shear, high tack, clean removability and processing – Henkel products meet the challenge.

Our Brands

P3® P3 products enhance manufacturing processes and includes rust preventatives, surface conditioners and cleaners. more...

TECHNOMELT Henkel’s TECHNOMELT is the leading choice for hot melt adhesives designed for the best results in our customers’ production processes and finished products. more...