Envelopes & Direct Mail

Trusted brands, innovative solutions

Henkel is working together to provide exceptional products and service to the envelope and direct mail industries.

We work very closely with allied suppliers like equipment, paper, film and ink manufactures to ensure that our adhesives will perform in any situation that our customers may encounter.  Since 1923, Henkel has been making adhesives for envelopes. Our ability to understand our customers' needs and grow with the current trends have allowed our company to remain dominant in this industry.  We strive to identify, quantify and justify value generating opportunities for our customers to deliver the greatest amount of value at the lowest cost in use. 

Henkel is a full line adhesive supplier with the greatest amount of technical resources in the industry.  We are constantly looking at new raw materials and new manufacturing processes to drive out costs and bring innovation to the envelope market.

Direct Mail
Henkel is the dominant brand in the direct mail market. From the production of flyers, advertisements, pamphlets and return envelopes to labels and magnets, Henkel offers a comprehensive range of innovative products that deliver optimal adhesion.

Henkel adhesives and coatings machine cleanly and consistently even at the highest manufacturing speeds, and achieve reliable performance with a variety of paper stocks. These production standards ensure efficient production and a high quality, attractive finished product.



Side & Bottom Flap Bonding
Specially developed products from Henkel provide envelope security for the bottom flap, the pointed bottom flap, and the inner and outer side flaps, even in high-speed production processes.


Top Flap Gumming
Henkel provides a complete system for all types of closings: synthetic resin and dextrin-based adhesives for wet gumming, latex adhesives for pressure-sensitive gumming, and pressure-sensitive adhesive dispersions for seal and peel applications.


Window Patching
In window patching, Henkel's clean running adhesives provide high wet tack, flat, warp-free joining, broad adhesion and low splash in high-speed production.