Appliances & HVAC

An industry leader in Appliances and HVAC
Henkel is your single source for superior adhesives, sealants, pretreatments and coatings for the appliance and HVAC industries. The company has created a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly products that deliver optimal adhesion, faster cure speeds, and improved anti-vibration and sound deadening, while providing an attractive and reliable finished product.

Henkel offers manufacturers a comprehensive collection of high performance products and services for the most demanding household appliance applications.

Henkel knows what HVAC customers want - a favorable cost per unit, reliable bonding strength, and the ability to embrace new technology.

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The variety of outstanding Henkel products addresses every aspect of HVAC equipment manufacture:

  • Adhesives that bond insulation to panels for sound and vibration reduction
  • Pretreatment products that clean and prepare metal surfaces prior to painting, resulting in improved paint adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • Fin stamping lubricants and hairpin lubricants

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Henkel offers a variety of outstanding products devoted to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. Innovative, custom-formulated products are a result of decades of experience in this sector. Henkel knows what customers want – a favorable cost per unit, reliable bonding strength, and the ability to embrace new technology.


Major Appliances / White Goods

Whether it’s a washing machine, dishwasher or microwave, today’s consumers expect household electronics products to work on demand and last for a long time. Dependability over the life of an appliance ensures a good brand reputation and loyal customers, and it’s why manufacturers of these life-enhancing products are increasingly turning to Henkel for their materials needs. Ensuring robust solder interconnects, circuit board protection from chemicals and common household environments, and strong adhesives that deliver assembly integrity, Henkel’s portfolio offers high-performance solutions for world-class appliance manufacturers.