Foam Fabrication

The Dual Application Solution
Henkel's AQUENCE® and Technomelt® brand adhesives offer the versatility of a dual appication solution with two technologies for capable, dependable foam bonding:

                                1. Water based:  AQUENCE® 381P™
                                2. Hot Melt:          Technomelt® AS 414™


Benefits:                                                                          Applications:
A green alternative to solvents                                    Upholstered furniture
Wet stick / high green strength                                   Seating
Cost effective & easy application                               Bed frame bonding
Quick set time                                                                Coil surface treatments
Soft bond lines                                                               Mattress and mattress components


Tailor a solution that will exceed your expectations...

Click here to choose a water based system demonstration and $150 worth of free product or choose a demonstration of our semi-pressure sensitive hot melt technology and one complimentary day of Henkel's "on-hand" support and guidance.


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Our Brands

AQUENCE Henkel’s AQUENCE is the brand for innovative, sustainable, water-based adhesive solutions. more...

TECHNOMELT Henkel’s TECHNOMELT is the leading choice for hot melt adhesives designed for the best results in our customers’ production processes and finished products. more...