Manufacturing Reliability Process


Henkel has been helping industry realize significant cost savings while increasing productivity with the Manufacturing Reliability Process - developed with the help of industry, designed for industry, to serve industry. The Loctite® Manufacturing Reliability Process allows companies to realize significant, documented reliability improvements. By proactively addressing reliability at the base mechanical component level, facilities can realize reliability driven gains in equipment availability, efficiency and quality rates. These gains can, in turn, have a strong positive financial impact for the facility as a whole.

CEU Accredited, Hands-On Training

As part of the process, Henkel provides hands-on training, teaching the fundamentals of base mechanical components and machinery adhesives' role in reliability.


Henkel provides a Manufacturing Reliability Process that allows companies to make significant reliability gains that have a direct impact on the performance of the organization. The process involves a review of mechanical fundamentals and techniques to enhance reliability at the base component level. Henkel can help client companies establish their own reliability team to review proactive maintenance techniques and verify whether or not there is a related benefit. The Manufacturing Reliability Process includes:

  •     3 Hands-on Training Modules
  •     4 Hours of CEU Accredited Training
  •     A Review of Mechanical Basics and Failure Fundamentals
  •     Optional Documented Cost Savings Process

If you would like to receive more detailed information, or to have a Manufacturing Reliability team member contact you to explain the process and how it might fit in your facility, click below or call 1-800-LOCTITE (1-800-562-8483).

Request for In-Plant Manufacturing Reliability Process Training

Workshop Brochure

Loctite® Manufacturing Reliability Training

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The first step toward equipment reliability is to initiate a process of Continuous Improvement by empowering your maintenance personnel with the application-driven, plant-tailored, product-specific information and skills they need to meet your company’s particular needs on a daily basis.


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