Introducing NEW Toughened Light Curing Adhesives

Henkel Corporation has once again revolutionized the adhesive industry with its latest innovation: LOCTITE Flashcure® Light Curing Cyanoacrylates. This patented technology allows these single component adhesives to cure in seconds when exposed to light at the appropriate wavelength and provides superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including elastomers, rubbers, plastics and metals. With its secondary shadow cure mechanism, Flashcure technology provides all the benefits of light cure acrylic and cyanoacrylate technologies with none of the limitations.

The new toughened Flashcure products offer all of the benefits of the traditional technology with the added benefits of impact resistance and fracture toughness. LOCTITE 4310™ FlashCure Light Cure Adhesive and LOCTITE 4311 FlashCure® Light Cure Adhesive are ideally suited for applications where slight impact loads or flexing of the bond joint are likely.

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