Loctite® Big Foot® Anti-Slip Coatings


In today's harsh environments, facility floors endure constant abuse and the repair and maintenance of these areas present an ongoing challenge to facility engineers. Loctite® Big Foot® anti-slip floor coating system provides the solutions needed to keep facilities looking good and performing great.



  • Outlasts and outperforms sand and paint
  • Provides the strongest, most aggressive anti-slip products available
  • Resists harsh chemicals such as gasoline, jet fuel and hydraulic fluid
  • Prevents costly slips and falls where you have pedestrian traffic
  • Offered in grades tough enough to handle heavy forklift and vehicular traffic and grades gentle enough for barefoot traffic
  • Increases safety of walkways, ramps and entrances
  • Contaminants are trapped in the “valleys” and traction is maintained at the “peaks”
  • Grades available for indoor and outdoor applications

Anti-Slip Floor Coating Accessories

Loctite Big Foot Phenolic Roller Cores
Use with Loctite Big Foot Heavy Duty Vehicular, Heavy Duty Pedestrian, Zero V.O.C. and Low Profile Pedestrian Grade Coatings.

Loctite Big Foot Bristle Roller Cores
Use with Loctite Big Foot Acrylic Pedestrian Grade Coating, Acrylic Primer, Metal Primer and Water Based Primer/Sealer. To achieve a lower profile, use with any Big Foot coating.


It is always recommended that a primer is used before applying an anti-slip coating. Primers increase adhesion to the substrate and also seal porosity when applying on concrete. The decision as to which primer to use is based on the product being used and also on the substrate.

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Two-part product specially formulated to increase adhesion and coverage of Big Foot® anti-slip coatings*. For use on concrete, wood, tile and other porous substrates. Water-based, clear.

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Single component, clear, zero V.O.C., water-based primer designed for use with Big Foot® Acrylic grade and Big Foot® Flexible Low Profile coatings on concrete, wood, tile and other porous surfaces.

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Two-component, grey epoxy-polymide primer, increases adhesion between metal surfaces and all Loctite Big Foot anti-slip coatings.

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